Citronella Candles Mosquito Repellent

citronella-candleIf, like me, mosquitoes just seem to love you, then the little buggers are a real concern during the summer months.

In my search for an effective mosquito repellent that I could use indoors and out, I discovered Price’s 100% natural citronella tea lights online. Reasonably priced and sold in packs of 25, I decided to stock up, ordering 4 packs.

When the postman arrived with my delivery I couldn’t quite believe the amount of packaging involved, so much so, I thought I’d been given the wrong order. Cutting my way through reams of bubble wrap, cellophane, brown tape and paper, I suddenly appreciated why so much packing was required.

Warning: Opening the parcel was like being hit in the face with a giant lemon. If you like a lemony smell then it’s fine, but if you don’t, these are not for you.

I took a couple of candles out of the pack and then proceeded to try to re-wrap the rest back up as quickly as I could to contain the aroma. Not sure where to store them for the best, as I don’t have a garage, I decided to put them in the under stairs cupboard along with the vacuum cleaner and my Christmas tree.

On an individual, candle by candle basis, they are actually very pleasant, but I have to say that a pack of 100 was a tad overwhelming.


Citronella oil, which is derived from some varieties of the lemongrass family, can be used as a safe, non-toxic insect repellent. Citronella oil can be applied directly to skin in diluted form, or it can be burnt in candles and lamps to repel insects over a greater area.

Burn candles and lamps which contain citronella oil in outdoor areas in order to repel insects over a wider area. By placing these products around the perimeter of a patio, backyard deck or pool area, you can be relatively free from insect activity for that summer barbecue or picnic.

Source: EHow

Why Do Mosquitoes Avoid Citronella?

As the insect searches out its next victim, they’re attracted to specific carbon dioxide and lactic acid from sweat glands. Recent scientific research suggests certain people are more genetically prone to get bitten. Citronella helps mask these naturally-occurring scents that act as a magnet for hungry mosquitoes. The odor of the oil prompts the flying pest to search for another host. Even if a mosquito does land on an area that’s been treated with the oil, they’re likely to make a quick exit as the greasy texture is also a deterrent.

Source: Healing Answers

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