Indoor Skydiving

skydiveJust before I found out I had breast cancer I booked an indoor skydiving treat for myself and a friend. However, once everything kicked off I wasn’t able to go and to be honest, wasn’t even sure that I should.¬†

When I read in the LSN (Lymphoedema Support Network) newsletter that the reason why the rebounder (aka mini trampoline) is so good for our lymph system is that on the bounce we experience weightlessness (zero gravity), I started to think about what other fun things I could do that would give the same result.

Well, indoor skydiving is a zero gravity experience, so I checked with the LSN who emailed me back yesterday saying “It is a passive sport so go ahead and enjoy it!”.

This opens up a realm of possibilities, which I will check out first before posting, but the good news is that there is stuff we can do that is a lot fun but also great for our lymphatic system too!