Reducing Anxiety & Toning Up

The axillary clearance of the lymph nodes in my right arm left it very swollen, numb and painful after surgery. 13 weeks on, I still have some pain and numbness but the swelling has nearly gone.

One of the most frustrating and worrying things during this post op period has been not knowing if what I’m feeling in my arm is the first sign of Lymphoedema or not. Time and again I’ve found myself wishing my upper arms were more toned so I could easily see any signs of swelling. Instead, every time I caught myself looking in a mirror I’ve tried to compare one arm with the other to see if one looked noticeably bigger, which really isn’t that easy to do.bodylastics

So, now that the swelling has reduced considerably and I am able to use my arm a lot more, I thought I would start to try and tone up my bingo wings by getting my triceps in shape. Not wanting to spend out on gym fees for the privilege, I decided to get some exercise resistance bands. I went  for the Bodylastics set, which comes with 5 different band strengths, along with a DVD manual to get you started.

Now after rebounding first thing in the morning, I use the door grip attachment to work on toning my triceps. 15-18 reps x3 per exercise.

It’s going to take some work to get in shape but it’s going to be so worth it.

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