What Is A Balanced Diet?

Today, during Breast Cancer Care’s – Moving Forward Workshop class, I was introduced to what a healthy plate of food actually looks like. I thought the illustration used was just brilliant, so simple to understand and such a great tool for determining how much of what I should be eating. I already knew for example that eating lots of fruit and veg was a huge plus, that white meat and fish were good, but had also heard that I should really cut down on dairy, and of course sugar is always seen as a bit of a treat, but really didn’t know how much of anything was enough or too much.


This diagram illustrates I should ideally aim for:

  • 33% Carbs
    e.g. bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and other starchy foods
  • 33% Fruit & Vegetables
  • 15% Milk & Dairy
  • 12% Protein
    e.g. meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein
  • 7% Sugar
    e.g. foods and drinks high in fat and/or sugar

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