What Does Reiki Feel Like?

I’ve been singing the praises of Reiki to my friends for weeks now and they always ask, “So what does it feel like?”

Everyone experiences something different so I can only tell you what happens to me, and even then each session I have is completely different to the last. First of all I need to point out that Reiki is performed when I am fully clothed and the technique only requires the lightest of touch if that from the practitioner. I simply lie down on a massage table with a blanket over me and I close my eyes.

When Vanessa (the Reiki practitioner) put her hands around my head for the first time I saw different flashes of coloured lights, depending on where her hands were – near my forehead, my eyes, my ears or the top of my head, they were either pink and purple or yellowy green.

In the following sessions with her hands near my affected arm, I could feel heat, so much so it felt as if my arm was glowing. I’ve also had what can only be described as a super mild electric shock, which caused my arm to spasm slightly. On a separate occasion my whole body has jolted as if I’m on a resuscitation table (there is never any pain with any of this btw).

But there have been two things which stand out even more. Firstly when she worked on my feet. They became so warm it was like they were suddenly in front of a roaring log fire. I thought if I was to dip them in a bowl of water right there and then, a cloud of steam would surely appear. Vanessa later told me that when she was working on my feet she started to sway uncontrollably and that was something that had only happened to her once before in her entire career. She wasn’t sure what it meant but later we discovered that it was because my energy was moving so much it had literally moved her too.

For me though, time and time again the single most amazing feeling I get is when Vanessa works around my head. Putting both hands lightly over my ears I have felt the most incredible sensations. One time it felt as if someone had put a rod through one ear and out the other, was holding on to both ends and wiggling by brain around. It didn’t hurt one bit. Very, very odd but very pleasant. On other occasions, as it did this weekend, I can almost feel my brain twitching as if its receiving tiny electrical pulses. I can’t think of another way to describe it. It’s a fascinating sensation, incredibly calming yet stimulating.

After one particularly intense Reiki session, having walked in feeling like a scrunched up piece of paper, I walked out feeling like I was floating on a rainbow coloured cloud. I do realise how crazy this sounds but to those who saw me in the cancer centre that day, before and after the session, they too could see the transformation that had taken place, it was amazing.

Vanessa is a very talented woman and I am so very, very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet her and receive Reiki healing from her. It has helped me on the road to recovery more than any other treatment, hands down (lol).

If you’ve never tried it, do, and if you feel even half of what I have experienced you will be raving about it too.


Post Op Numbness – Week 16

Here’s a quick update on the progress my arm has made.

– The numb area as was in week 14 (14 weeks since the surgery) is the area marked in light pink
– Week 15 (last week) are the darker pink patches
– And this week it’s purple

The numb area has not receded as dramatically as it did last week but I’m still really pleased!