My EFT Experience

I have been lucky enough to find locally to me, an EFT practitioner who offers a free 20 minute face to face taster session, so a couple of weeks ago I booked myself in and went along to see if it could help me.

Over the years I have seen 3 counsellors for different reasons and at different points in my life, and I would honestly say that none of them have helped me at all, in fact 2 had done more harm than good.

So, although I had done my research on EFT, its principles, techniques and claimed results, and had seen on various YouTube clips and also on The Haven DVD it being put in to practice, I was still pretty skeptical to say the least but decided to give it a go and went along with an open mind, after all, I really had nothing to lose as I had just been diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and had decided to decline antidepressants.

Through my initial enquiry I had explained what I had recently been through and the struggles I was having as I needed to know that EFT could help me and also to prepare Jemima (the EFT practitioner) for what needed to be worked on.

On the day she started by asking me what my biggest concern was there and then. I said that it was the pain I was experiencing in my arm and the fear of it being the onset of Lymphoedema. She asked me to rate the worry on a scale from -10 to +10. It was at -5. She then asked me if I was to put a colour and a shape to it what would it look like, to which I replied, it would be red and spikey. She asked me where on my body I felt the worry the most, I said it would be like a hat on top of my head… I had a red spikey hat on that represented my fear of Lymphoedema.

The session then began with me following Jemima as she began tapping (see my previous post on EFT for the demonstration). After a couple of minutes we stopped and she asked me to grade the worry again. It had moved up one place to a -4 but other than that everything else was the same. So she asked me to close my eyes and repeat what she said as she tapped on me, which I did.

As she tapped, she asked me to go back to the first time I felt real fear about Lymphoedema. I said I was in the hospital getting the results of the surgery from the Consultant. I said I felt so angry, upset and so very, very alone. Jemima then asked me the last time I had felt like that – I told her that it was when my Grandmother died over 12 years ago. Jemima asked me to go back to that moment in time and to describe my emotions in terms of colour, shape and position (as she had done before). At this point the tears started to flow and I struggled to say the words… its black, broken and heart-shaped. Jemima then asked me to picture myself in the future – what was my colour then and where was it? I said it was a citrus-y yellow/green colour, it was surrounding my body and glowed like a shield. She then took me back to the “me” in the hospital room and told me to tell myself that everything was going to be ok (to give myself a bit of a pep talk if you like, to give reassurance and peace  of mind that all of the fear and worry I had wouldn’t amount to anything), which I did (the tears were still flowing but I got the words out). She then asked me to go back to when my Grandmother died and to do the same, which I did.

When the session came to a close I was astonished at the connection between these two momentous events in my life – why hadn’t I made that connection myself? It seemed so obvious now, but what Jemima had done was to illustrate that what we hold on to from our past can profoundly affect our future and how we perceive ourselves in the future can be used to great benefit in our lives as we live them now. I was blown away by it.

The taster session was only 20 minutes long but it had had a more profound effect on me than any other counselling session I had ever had. I confess I was pretty emotional for the rest of the day but it had made things so much clearer in my mind and I could really see the huge benefit that EFT could have.

If you can find someone near you who will offer you a free taster of EFT I would definitely recommend you give it a go. Go with an open mind, after all, you have absolutely nothing to lose but a huge amount to potentially gain.

EFT Practitioner: Jemima Eames


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