Workshops Have To Work

I realised this week just how lucky I have been over the last few months. The workshops and support groups I’ve been a part of and the people I have been fortunate enough to meet through them have helped me in ways I never thought imaginable, but things could have worked out very differently indeed.

We all have very different cancer journeys and I realise that workshops can either work or not depending on what they are about, when they come in to your life, who is running them, who else is attendance and how you are feeling at that particular time, but I also know that if the workshop I went to this week had been my first experience of one, I would have found the journey unbearably hard.

Im not going to mention which group it was, that wouldn’t be fair because whats right for one isn’t necessarily right for another. So I wont push my opinions on that one on you. Suffice to say that I knew within minutes of being there this particular course wasn’t for me. I gave it a good 3 hours, although to be fair I would have walked out a lot sooner if I’d had the opportunity.

Here is where in my opinion it went wrong…

  1. The two organisers both wore top to toe shades of grey, didn’t smile much or make us feel warmly welcome.
  2. The chairs were incredibly uncomfortable, so much so half the group asked for a different one, me included.
  3. The two organisers read mainly from work sheets like they’d never done it before.
  4. The rest of the session was simply watching DVDs on an overhead projector with very poor sound quality.
  5. The healthy food demonstration (on DVD) used ingredients I’d never heard of and were really complicated to make.
  6. The group weren’t engaged.
  7. It was run like a classroom and we were talked to as if we were children.

And so the list goes on.

If nothing else cancer teaches you that time is precious and that how you spend it is important. Quite simply, if something’s not working for you, leave it and move on. Life’s too short.

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