Be Grounded at Home, at Work & While You Sleep

I’ve been using a grounding mat at home near my laptop for a few months now but wasn’t really aware of how much of an affect it had been having until I went back to work full time 2 weeks ago. For the last 10 days I have been experiencing increased pain, swelling and cramping in my affected arm, so much so I knew I had to do something to help myself otherwise work would be unbearable.

Having moved my grounding mat from my laptop at home to my bed, so I could get the benefits of it while I slept, I not only noticed that my arm felt so much better in the morning, near on “normal” in fact, but that the quality of my sleep had improved dramatically too. So I decided to order a grounding mouse mat to use at work (as I work on a PC all day and am surrounded by multiple monitors).

Today I went for my monthly MLD session and was delighted to hear the therapist confidently tell me that the swelling and pain I had experienced was not lymphoedema but was more likely to be nerve related. The grounding mats obviously hadn’t cured me of lymphoedema because I hadn’t had it but what they had done was help to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

Intrigued at the dramatic effect the grounding mat was having I decided to see what further evidence I could find as to its effectiveness. Interestingly, grounding technology is already in wide use throughout the sporting fraternity and in particular on cyclists during the Tour de France.

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