Take The Ice Bucket Challenge!? – No Thanks

You cant fail to notice the world’s gone nuts over the ice bucket challenge. People are pouring ice cold water over themselves in a bid to raise awareness for charitable causes such as ALS and Macmillan to name but two. The effect however is becoming somewhat diluted the longer the craze goes on. It seems to me that people are forgetting or neglecting the real reason the challenge came about – to raise awareness and funds for these good causes. That aside there is also the issue over whether people should be wasting water when there are still countries with chronic clean water shortages.


Whatever your view, I for one won’t be picking up the gauntlet. Why? Well because extreme temperatures pose a lymphoedema risk. Cancer Research UK state…

Avoid extremes of temperature, both hot and cold, including saunas, steam rooms and very hot baths or showers

I wouldn’t recommend trying this by any means, but this ice bucket challenge did make me giggle…

And for those who really want to do something worthwhile…

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