About the Author

MirandaI’m Miranda, diagnosed at 43 with stage one breast cancer in May 2013; I underwent surgery for a wide local excision and axillary clearance just a few weeks later.

Pre-surgery I was aware of some of the risks associated with Lymphoedema but it was during my recovery period, when I was unable to go very far or do very much, that I decided to look in to it in a bit more detail. I quickly discovered it was a bit of a taboo subject. People I encountered seemed more than happy to talk about cancer and chemotherapy but when it came to Lymphoedema they clammed up. There are hundreds of thousands of people having surgery for breast cancer around the world who go on to face life with a risk of Lymphoedema, so let’s talk about it and share what we know, so we can help ourselves and each other!

Life has thrown me this curve ball for a reason. I don’t know what that reason is yet. All I know is that I want to help other people like me. So this is where it starts – by setting up this site “Love Your Lymph 4 Life” as a one stop shop I can share all the information I’ve found out about living with the risk of Lymphoedema and how I can help reduce that risk. I have no medical training, I’m not a Lymphoedema specialist; I’m just someone coming to terms with life after cancer treatment.

Please, help me to help others and share your experiences too.


P.S. All the products on this site I’ve tried and continue to use, and all the recipes I’ve made and eaten. I even designed the logo!