Grounding aka Earthing

Going barefoot on grass, sand or just simply paddling in the sea can feel incredibly relaxing and apparently there’s a very good reason for it. What we are doing when we take our shoes and socks off and making contact with the Earth, is “grounding” ourselves. It’s completely safe and may be one of the most important, effective, essential, least expensive, and easiest to attain antioxidants there is. It is also probably one of the most overlooked factors in public health today.

The Earth is a massive reservoir of negatively charged free electrons. Our blood cells are negatively charged, our lymph flows best in an alkaline (or negative environment), but electromagnetic radiation from computers, TVs, Wi-Fi, mobile phones, power lines etc creates an environment which is positively charged. By connecting our bodies with the ground (walking, sitting, or laying down on the earth’s surface) we are accepting the Earth’s negative energy and that is essential for maintaining a healthy circulation and immune system

The Effects of Grounding

The most immediately noticeable effect people report is that they ‘feel better’, calmer and less stressed after just 30 minutes of being “grounded”.tree-hug

Some health benefits are:

  • Improved immune function
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved sleep
  • Rapid healing of injuries
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Reduced stress / anxiety / irritability

Note: Please note that none of the information here constitutes medical advice in any way, or claims cure or treatment of any medical condition.  Always consult your doctor regarding any personal health issues.

Source: Groundology and Mercola

How can we become more “grounded”?

  • Walk bare foot on the earth
  • Paddle or swim in the sea
  • Hug a tree
  • Do some gardening
  • Touch the ground
  • Use a *grounding mat when at home or at work

*You can buy a grounding mat online, so we can now “ground” ourselves whilst we watch TV, work on our PCs or even sleep at night. Simply plug the mat in to the mains (which should already be “earthed”) and make contact!

Aromatherapy On the Go

lavender-oilThis week I was lucky enough to have an aromatherapy session at the Wessex Cancer Centre to help me with anxiety. The lovely therapist, Amber, suggested that I carry with me a tissue or a hankie with a few drops of lavender and geranium oil on – the properties of both, she said, would help me to relax and release any nervous tension. What a brilliant idea! I knew I had some lavender oil but didn’t have any geranium, so bought some on my way home.

Overcome Anxiety

Our sense of smell is connected to our limbic system, which is the seat of our emotions. Aromatherapy works at a cellular level to deal with all the emotional upheaval associated with anxiety. Essential oils can calm anxiety and even make it disappear before it arrives.

  • Lavender relieves mental stress and is a great relaxant. It can even help you sleep.
  • Geranium helps release negative memories and nervous tension. It is extraordinarily uplifting.

Source: Mind Body Green

Anxiety Relief

I’ve been feeling pretty anxious recently about a whole host of things. I’m told its to be expected given what I’ve been through these last few months. Where my life goes from this point forward is a bit unknown and that is scary, particularly for a control freak like myself. Sometimes it feels like everything is beyond my control and then I start to panic.

I’ve just listened to this video, and I’ve gotta say that as a result, right now, I don’t feel so stressy! Try it.

Reiki Healing

Reiki was developed in Japan and the word ‘Reiki’ is Japanese for ‘universal life energy’. Its main aim is to bring about balance and to improve well-being, removing blockages and re-establishing free flow. Reiki is very relaxing and can be used for people who are not fit enough to receive massage or any other touch therapies.

You don’t need to remove any clothing. You sit or lie down and the practitioner gently places their hands on or just above your body in a sequence of positions that cover the whole body. Each position is held for about 2-5 mins or until the practitioner feels that the flow of energy has slowed or stopped. A full treatment usually takes 30-60 mins.

Reiki is entirely safe and is in harmony with the individual’s needs. It is widely accepted and can be used alongside any other treatment. There are no religious connotations with Reiki.

Reiki treatment is available in some hospitals. NHS community services and support groups.

Source: Macmillan and Wessex Cancer Trust

Health Benefits of Counselling

Source: The Mail Online

mail online

At the moment I’m trying to find a counsellor to help me through this somewhat tricky patch after surgery. According to an article I found online today by The Mail Online, “counselling cuts stress levels to double chances of surviving breast cancer.” Here’s what the article states:

Joining a support group could double a woman’s chances of surviving breast cancer, research has suggested.

Breast cancer patients who attended regular anti-stress sessions with psychologists were about half as likely to die from the disease as other women. The cancer was also less likely to come back and, when it did, it took longer to recur, increasing the amount of time they had with their loved ones.

The study found breast cancer patients who also had counselling were half as likely to have a recurrence and when it did come back it was six months later than those who did not go to support groups.

It is thought the counselling the women received, including relaxation, problem-solving techniques and advice on how to approach family and friends, helped fight off the cancer by cutting stress levels.

Although a link between patient support and quality of life has been made before, this study is the first to credit it with the ability to prolong life.

See also: NHS’s Response

EFT AKA Tapping

Twice yesterday I was independently introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Intrigued, I decided to research it further. This is what I found out…

When needles are a huge no no and acupuncture is simply something that is not possible in my arm at least, then this really does look like a fantastic alternative. Im already looking to see if I can find someone who practices this form of therapy in my area.