Health Benefits of Counselling

Source: The Mail Online

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At the moment I’m trying to find a counsellor to help me through this somewhat tricky patch after surgery. According to an article I found online today by The Mail Online, “counselling cuts stress levels to double chances of surviving breast cancer.” Here’s what the article states:

Joining a support group could double a woman’s chances of surviving breast cancer, research has suggested.

Breast cancer patients who attended regular anti-stress sessions with psychologists were about half as likely to die from the disease as other women. The cancer was also less likely to come back and, when it did, it took longer to recur, increasing the amount of time they had with their loved ones.

The study found breast cancer patients who also had counselling were half as likely to have a recurrence and when it did come back it was six months later than those who did not go to support groups.

It is thought the counselling the women received, including relaxation, problem-solving techniques and advice on how to approach family and friends, helped fight off the cancer by cutting stress levels.

Although a link between patient support and quality of life has been made before, this study is the first to credit it with the ability to prolong life.

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Look Good… Feel Better

Look Good… Feel Better is a cancer support charity that runs free skincare and make-up workshops to help combat the visible side effects of cancer treatment and, in turn, boost confidence and well-being.

The sessions are run weekly, fortnightly or monthly for up to 12 people. They are held in over 59 locations throughout the UK, in hospitals and cancer care centres. The Look Good Feel Better Programme is now available in 21 countries worldwide.

At the beginning of each workshop, patients are given a gift bag filled with 17 different products donated by major companies throughout the Beauty Industry. Three volunteer beauty consultants take everyone through a specially designed 12-step skincare and make-up regime. At the end of two hours of learning, fun and laughter ladies leave feeling relaxed and full of renewed confidence in their appearance. They are then free to enjoy the product gift bag or ‘cosmetic tool kit’ at home.

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The workshops help women regain a sense of control and normality at a time when diagnosis and treatment can make everything feel overwhelming.

Look Good… Feel Better Brochure


Moving Forward with Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Care and NHS hospitals across the UK are working together to provide a programme of information and support for people who are moving forward after treatment for breast cancer.

The ‘Moving Forward’ courses are free four-week programmes examining some of the issues that may affect you. They aim to provide information, support and professional guidance on how to cope with and adjust to life after treatment.


Topics covered may include:

  • Healthy eating
  • Exercise
  • Managing menopausal symptoms
  • Lymphoedema
  • Cancer fatigue
  • Intimacy and relationships
  • Adjusting and adapting after a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Source: Breast Cancer Care


Lymphoedema Annual Conference

lsnIf you’re not a follower of the LSN (Lymphoedema Support Network) on facebook then I you might want to look them up and “like” their page to keep up to date with

all the latest Lymphoedema news and advice.

The date for the next LSN Annual Patient Conference has just been announced:

Saturday 26th October 2013
De Vere Conference Centre
Colmore Gate, Bull Street Entrance
Birmingham B3 2QD

We will begin the introduction to the day at 9.45 which will be followed by the morning plenary session at 10.00 with Professor Mortimer chairing and leading a ‘Living with Lymphoedema’ session. This session will incorporate patient experiences to explore different aspects of the condition, including being the parent of a child with Lymphoedema, a young student growing up with the condition, pregnancy in Lymphoedema, breast cancer related Lymphoedema and maturing with lower limb non cancer related Lymphoedema.

After this session there will be a choice of ‘breakout’ sessions that you can choose to attend… or not, including a practical demonstration on Simple Lymphatic Drainage (SLD), using compression, exercise and much more. Over lunch there will be plenty of time to visit the exhibition which will include areas where you can share your own tips and ideas, be it fashion tips, exercise tips, or whatever you feel may help someone else; as well as Nordic Pole walking demonstrations and rebounding demonstrations.

We are also hoping to facilitate lunchtime opportunities for you to meet with others in your geographical area. You will also be given the opportunity to submit written questions, during the course
of the morning, to an expert panel, in readiness for the afternoon Question and Answer plenary session. The day will close at 5.00pm.

Source: Lymphoedema Support Network